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    Cecilia Vargas is an established abstract landscape painter. Born in Colombia, Cecilia has lived and worked in London since 1982. She studied painting in London: a BA at Chelsea School of Art and an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art.

Her oil paintings, watercolours and acrylics have been exhibited in the UK and internationally for the past two decades. They can also be found in public, private and corporate collections in Europe, the US and South America, including four paintings commissioned by the Bank of England in 2003, the private collections of Lord Gowrie, Sir Jeremy Isaacs and Ronan Keating, and the corporate collections of Citibank, Reuters and Unilever.

The eminent late art historian and travel writer Michael Jacobs described Cecilia's work as "richly suggestive and poetic" where "the landscapes of her childhood probably take on in recollection an exaggerated vividness, as if to save her memories of them from fading".

Of her work, British essayist and novelist Geoff Dyer has written:

"...Vargas's paintings continue to breathe, to live, after they are finished, after they are removed from the studio in which they were made. They are not images but after-images. They are memories made from memories, paintings derived from previous paintings (abandoned, painted over). Sometimes they are paintings of memories she has never had, memories which did not exist until they had been created".

Cecilia's latest exhibition will be at London's Chocolate Factory N16 Open Studios weekend in Dalston, London N16 on 25-26 November 2017. The images below are a small sample of her recent work.

Still Life (Ghosts No 1)

Still Life (Ghosts No. 1): Monoprint (2016)

Still Life (Whisper)

Still life (Whisper): Monoprint (2016)

Distant Coast

Distant Coast: Mixed media on paper (2016)

Window series (Kiss)

Window series (Kiss): Plastic sheeting on cardboard (2016)

Interior No 1

Window No. 5: Collage (2013)

Forest No 2

Window No. 1: Collage (2013)

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